Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have no audio on my iPad or iPhone when watching one of the videos in your apps?

Older iPads have a Mute switch on the side. Just flip that and everything should be fine

Even though your video volume is up all the way, the system volume may be down. To change this, swipe up from your home screen and move the volume slider all the way up.

If your switch is configured for rotation lock instead of mute, you might have to change this setting temporarily

Newer iPads have no lock/mute switch on the side. In order to make your audio work, you have to swipe up from your home screen and touch an odd looking icon with a bell on it. This un-mutes the audio

Which iOS devices are supported by your Apps?

Our Apps work with all iOS devices that run iOS software 9.0 or newer

These are: iPod touch 3rd generation or newer, iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, and iPad Mini versions

Our Streaming App works with all Windows and Mac Computers/Laptops and all Android and Apple Phones and Tablets.

Which Category and Class does your Private Pilot App refer to?

Our Private Pilot App covers the knowledge and maneuvers required to get a “Airplane Single Engine Land” rating

Do your Apps cover any JAR/EASA rules or required knowledge?

Our Apps are focussed on FAA Federal Aviation Regulations but can be very helpful for pilots seeking licenses from other authorities as well

Do you offer any Helicopter Pilot Apps?

We don’t have any Helicopter specific apps and currently no plans to develop one in the near future

I have an Android device. Can I run your Apps?

Yes, our Streaming App is fully compatible with Android Devices.

What are the minimum system requirements to run your Apps on a PC or Mac?

Our Streaming App will run on any Windows or Mac computer, as well as any Android or Apple Tablet or Phone.  For Windows and Mac Computers, you will need a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Mozilla, etc…) and a broadband internet connection (WiFi or Cell Network).  Keep in mind that this is a streaming service (like YouTube or Netflix), so your internet connection must remain live while watching the videos.  If you have slow internet or a metered connection (Dial-Up, DSL or Satellite) you may experience buffering.

How much space does your App use on my iPad?

Our Private Pilot Apps use 1.2GB and 750MB respectively, our Instrument Pilot Apps less than 0.5GB

Can I buy an App on the Apple App Store for my iPad and use it on my PC/MAC as well?

Unfortunately not. iOS Apps run only on dedicated Apple iOS devices.  However, if you purchase the Streaming App you can run it on any of your devices.

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